Discovering Campli Flegrei

Together with the municipalities of Pozzuoli, Monte di Procida and Quarto, Bacoli is part of the territorial system of Campi Flegrei, an extended area located in the Gulf of Pozzuoli and characterized by lively volcanic activity. Campi Flegrei represent in fact one of the richest territories of the Campania region for natural, cultural, historical and archaeological resources.

The natural vocation of the area has always favored the settlement of urban centers, and the city of Cuma Eubea represents the oldest testimony. The naturalistic beauty and the extraordinary presence throughout the area of historical and archaeological sites that narrate an unrepeatable of glory and sacredness, are the elements that have made this part of Campania, one of the privileged destinations of the "Grand Tour".

Artists, writers and sometimes even sovereign from all over Europe, had the opportunity to discover the history, culture and antiquities of Campi Flegrei, "the most wonderful region in the world under the purest sky and the most treacherous terrain ”, as told by JW Goethe in his Journey to Italy. During the twentieth century, however, the industrialization process of the Neapolitan coast led to a progressive abandonment of endogenous resources and a gradual loss of identity of the entire territory.

It is in this context that our proposition for the enhancement of the Mirabilis Pool takes place